Cold-1 & Cold-2 Economy Pack Cold-1 & Cold-2 Economy Pack
CAD $39.99 CAD $26.00
Sukhmani Cold - 2 Sukhmani Cold - 2
CAD $24.95 CAD $17.60
Sukhmani Cold 1 Sukhmani Cold 1
CAD $24.95 CAD $17.60

Sukhmani Cold - 2

Sukhmani Cold - 2
Brand: Sukhmani Herbs
Product Code: Cold - 2
Availability: In Stock
Price: CAD $24.95 CAD $17.60

Spasmodic cough with congestion in chest, ear, nose or throat is an unpleasant painful experience where phlegm is produced and is difficult to bring up causing congestion and mucus rattling. Sukhmani-Cold-2 is a Homeopathic combination designed through clinical research by Homeopathic Doctors to help cure such symptoms to ease your discomfort.

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